BS in Civil Engineering

Purdue University 1995

ODOT Traffic


  • Traffic Signals
  • Safety Studies
  • Highway Lighting

N.E. Roundabout design Workshop


Ohio Professional Engineer #64507

Professional Traffic Operations Engineer




Todd Stanhope, PE, PTOE

Director of Traffic Engineering

Professional Experience

Mr. Stanhope began his career at Traffic Engineering Services (TES) after receiving his degree from Purdue University in 1995 with a primary focus on traffic engineering and transportation planning. Smart Services acquired TES in 2013 and Mr. Stanhope became the Director of the Traffic Engineering division of Smart Services. He is skilled in all phases of traffic engineering including traffic design, signal operations, traffic studies, safety studies and transportation planning. Mr. Stanhope has been involved in the design of over 70 traffic signals. He has also been the primary author of hundreds of traffic impact and access studies. Mr. Stanhope has a proven track record of providing excellent leadership and project management, and routinely works with local and state agencies and as a subconsultant to large consulting firms.

Recent Representative Projects

CTSS Phases B, C, D & E Signal Warrant Studies, Columbus, Ohio – Since 2007 Mr. Stanhope has assessed signal warrants for the City of Columbus as a sub-consultant to the engineering firm HNTB, Inc. At approximately 700 locations in Phases B, C, D & E he identified locations where counts were needed for warrant studies and organized performance of traffic counts, formal warrant studies, and Signal Removal Decision Process – Stage I reports. Phase E was recently completed, and the team has been chosen by the City of Columbus for Phase F.

Contact: Matt Graf, PE, Project Manager, HNTB Ohio, 614-228-1007

BRO-68-30.72, PID 93801, ODOT District 9 – The $2M project provided capacity improvements at the ramp terminals at S.R. 32 and U.S. 68. The project was a design/build contract to restripe the US 68 bridge over SR 32 and to build left turn lanes, make radius improvements, and install traffic signals at the ramp interchanges. Smart Services’ scope included the design of two traffic signals, and provision of coordination timing and evaluation for four intersections during six time periods. The timing plans were produced using Synchro and drive-throughs were performed with a Sony Action Cam which records GPS coordinates. These coordinates were imported into TruTraffic, the data summarized, and time-space diagrams presented in a final report. Mr. Stanhope presented this project at the Ohio Transportation Engineer’s Conference in 2016.

Contact: Patricia Wetzel, PE, Traffic Engineer, ODOT D-9, 740-774-8983

Intersection of Gemini Place & Solstice Pkwy, Columbus, Ohio – Mr. Stanhope designed a new traffic signal at the intersection of Gemini Place & Solstice Pkwy. which included a signal controller that included adaptive control firmware, mast arm pole structures, mast arms and appropriate signal wiring/conduit. Eight pedestrian heads were installed to serve each leg of the intersection along with four pedestrian pushbuttons to cross the east and west legs of this intersection. Video detection units were provided for all four legs.

Contact: Joe Thomas, Vice-President, Metro Development, 614-540-2400