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Brian Smart, PS


Professional Experience

Mr. Smart founded Smart Surveying (Smart Services, Inc.) in 1996 and after the firm was acquired in 2011 assumed the dual role of Vice-President and Director of Survey and Right of Way. Mr. Smart has extensive experience throughout Ohio with boundary and topographic surveys, construction and right-of-way staking, ALTA/ACSM Land Title surveys, route surveys, large scale mapping, bathymetric surveys, control surveys, and GPS surveying. Mr. Smart is extremely proficient at courthouse research, locating difficult to find monuments, and resolving challenging boundaries. He has a proven track record of managing or assisting with managing the survey tasks on numerous ODOT, ODOT LPA, and Municipal roadway, sidewalk, bridge, bikeway, storm water, sanitary sewer, waterline, and right-of-way, design projects. He has directed and managed subconsultants and team members, and cooperated with the efforts of prime consultants. Mr. Smart has taken and successfully completed ODOT’s Right-of-Way Development Training Course. He is a veteran of the U.S. Army Reserves and served overseas during the Persian Gulf War.

Recent Representative Projects

NiSource Gas Pipeline Relocation Project, Columbus, Ohio – Mr. Smart and Smart Services, Inc. worked under a service agreement with NTH Consultants to provide surveying services for multiple NiSource projects to relocate gas pipelines in downtown Columbus along I-70. Smart Services established site control for construction, established property lines and right of way, completed topographic, utility & as-built surveys, and completed basemapping. Projects included I-70 Phase 4A, I-70 Champion Avenue, & NiSource Colfax IP District Station #1 & #2.

Contact: Pat Nortz, PE, NTH Consultants,

Cistern Inspection Project for ODOT District 9, Fayetteville, Ohio, PID 97683 – Mr. Smart oversaw the mapping and inspection of 9 underground cisterns located at various locations under US 50 & US 68 in Fayetteville. All the cisterns were located, sized and mapped. Smart Services designed and built a device that allowed for an initial video inspection inside the cisterns which gave the owner a clearer picture of the condition of the cisterns. Additional videos were produced for future reference by ODOT.

Contact: Dave Beekman, PE, Project Manager, ODOT D-9, 740-773-2691

LIC -Thornwood Crossing, (LIC-CR128-0.97) PID 87642 – Mr. Smart is the project manager for Smart Services as a subconsultant to Gannett Fleming for surveying and right of way services for the Cherry Valley Road Bridge Replacement Project. This $13M project will eliminate the bridge at the hazardous curve on Cherry Valley Road and will divert traffic from the new Cherry Valley road interchange onto Thornwood Crossing across the proposed bridge over Raccoon Creek and through a proposed roundabout.

Contact: Matt O’Donnell PE, Project Manager, Gannett Fleming, 614-794-9424