Our Services

Surveying and Right-of-Way

Smart Services provides a wide range of surveying services meeting the needs of our public and private clients. Our firm was built on the performance of Mortgage, ALTA, and Boundary surveys where we established a solid reputation for quality and accurate work. Since our start we have expanded our services to include Topographic Surveys, FEMA Flood Mapping and Elevation Certificates, Bathymetric Surveys, Project Survey Control, Construction Staking, Final Site Staking, Site Engineering Surveys, Route Surveys, and As-Built Surveys.

We employ survey crews equipped with Robotic Total Stations, ODOT VRS and RTK GPS systems, static GPS systems, and optical levels. We have the CADD and GIS expertise to prepare high quality basemaps, right-of-way plans per ODOT Design Manual Guidelines and Specifications, and GIS mapping tailored to our client’s needs.

Environmental and Permitting

Smart Services, Inc. provides a vast array of environmental consulting services to assist our clients through state and federal regulatory processes. We can provide basic environmental reviews in the form of Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) Screenings and Phase I ESAs, to more intensive Phase II ESAs, underground storage tank (UST) removals, and Asbestos-Containing Material (ACM) Surveys. When a site is planned for development, we can assist with the permitting related to impacts to wetlands, streams, threatened and endangered species, and cultural resources. We can complete Nationwide and Individual Section 401/404 permits, Individual Ohio Section 401 Water Quality Certifications, and Isolated Wetland Permits. We also provide a wide range of environmental services on state and local transportation projects, providing environmental documentation and regulatory agency coordination.

Traffic Engineering and Counts

As part of Smart Services, TES has the resources to perform a full range of traffic engineering, traffic counts, and transportation planning services. We have certified Professional Traffic Operations Engineers and in-house traffic counting equipment. The services we provide our clients range from basic signal operations and traffic counts to more detailed traffic design and traffic studies, all the way through detailed Transportation Planning studies. We address a wide range of transportation facilities and issues, including maintenance of traffic, school and pedestrian crossings, traffic calming, striping, and signal interconnect.

Construction Administration and Observation

Smart Services can provide construction administration and observation services on a wide variety of projects. We work closely with our municipal clients and ODOT Districts, supplying construction inspectors with specialized technical skills to fill the needs of a construction project or program. Projects often include inspection of transportation projects, new subdivision infrastructure, water and waste water upgrades, storm sewer improvements, bridge deck replacements, and intersection widening and signal upgrades.