Smart Services, Inc. is prequalified by the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) for the following categories:

Engineering Services

  • Limited Right-of-Way Plan Development
  • Interchange Justification/Modification Study
  • Safety Study
  • Basic Traffic Signal Design
  • Traffic Signal System Design

Environmental Services

  • Ecological Surveys
  • Wetland and Stream Mitigation
  • CE Documentation
  • Section 4(f)/6(f) Documentation


Right-of-Way Acquisition Services

  • Title Research

As an additional benefit, Smart Services, Inc. has a low corporate overhead rate which allows for more work to be performed for the overall contract.


State of Ohio – Encouraging Diversity, Growth and Equity (EDGE)

Smart Services, Inc. is certified in the EDGE program, Certification Number 20934, effective through 12/11/2020.


City of Columbus РUnified Minority Certification (FBE)

Smart Services, Inc. is certified as a Female Business Enterprise.

Professional Licenses/Certifications

We have individuals certified and/or licensed in the following:

  • Professional Engineer (Ohio)
  • Professional Surveyor (Ohio, Arizona)
  • Professional Traffic Operations Engineer (PTOE)
  • RAILSAFE Training
  • 10-Hr OSHA Construction Safety Training
  • Certified Federal Roadway Worker